Not all employment claims have merit. We recognize that pursuing justice includes defending businesses and nonprofits against unreasonable lawsuits. These are often intended to extract settlements, merely by forcing defendants to expend legal fees. Robert J. Baror, Esq., the head of DPL’s employment practice, has a proven track record of defending a broad array of entities, including Fortune 500 Corporations, public schools, nonprofits, and medical practices. For example, in Fariba Waldrop v. Science Applications International Corp. (SAIC), 2011 WL 4025410 (D. Md. September 9, 2011), Mr. Baror was successful in having the entirety of Plaintiff’s discrimination case thrown out on summary judgment. Moreover, Mr. Baror has often been able to succeed in getting discrimination cases dismissed before they even entered the discovery phase, such as when, as Chief Legal Officer and General Counsel for CCI Health Services, Mr. Baror successfully had the Americans with Disabilities Act lawsuit, Valene Powell v. Wheaton WIC Center, 2019 WL 528224 (D. Md. February 11, 2019), dismissed at the initial pleading phase. 

Representing both plaintiffs and defendants gives Mr. Baror rare insight into the minds of plaintiffs’ attorneys, that allows him to strategize, as your defense attorney, to anticipate minefields and navigate your way to successful outcomes. Mr. Baror grew up the son of an immigrant who started his own small business, and he understands the hopes and dreams that entrepreneurs pour into their ventures—he is ready to help you defend your interests and level the playing field.