Have you reported an unsafe environment, violations of the law, or other misconduct? Were you retaliated against as a result of your report? Federal and state laws may protect you. Standing up for what is right and protecting others by whistleblowing are bedrocks of our legal system and you may be protected from retaliation by your employer. 

Additionally, if you know of fraud or misconduct committed against the federal government, as a relator under the False Claims Act, you may be entitled to significant monetary compensation if you report this fraud and abuse.

At DPL, we have a track record of handling False Claims Act cases. As the former Chief Legal Officer of a Federally Qualified Health Center, Robert J. Baror, Esq. is well-versed in Medicare and Medicaid fraud and abuse statutes, and he and the other attorneys at DPL have handled many matters relating to the False Claims Act.