Did your employer fail to pay you overtime? Were you told you were a salaried employee when you really should have been paid hourly? Have you been classified as an independent contractor when you should have had the benefits and wages of an employee? We can help. Wage theft is unfortunately a common occurrence in the workplace. The Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) guarantees overtime at time and a half and a minimum wage. The FLSA also awards double damages for most violations. Many state wage payment and collection laws, including in Maryland, apply to all forms of compensation, including bonuses—and these laws often award triple (treble) damages.

If you have any concerns that you were not paid properly, reach out to our experienced attorneys and we can help you to determine what compensation you deserve. Robert J. Baror, Esq., has helped many employees recover overtime wages that were owed to them and bonuses that were withheld from them. He can help you determine and fight for what you are owed.